Tips for a Balanced Halloween

It’s fair to say that most people are familiar with the adverse effects of too much sugar, especially in the still-developing bodies of children. However, parents want their kids to experience the excitement of Halloween and indulge in this oh-so-sweet holiday. Here are some tips to help create a balanced Halloween for your wee ones.

Walk from house-to-house vs. driving

Unless you live in a rural area, driving children on their trick-or-treating route is a missed opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the spookily decorated houses. Granted, driving is more convenient for parents, but receiving candy is a great incentive to get kids up and moving. Not to mention that it’s also a great way to get those steps in for parents. Besides, a stroll down your neighbourhood can really complete the Halloween experience and build-up the anticipation of the kind of wonderful treat the next house will have to offer.

Limit kids to 1-3 pieces of candy per day

Easier said than done, especially if you permit your kids to hold on to their pillowcases full of candy. How many parents remember the sensational delight felt with every piece of sugary treat they popped into their mouths when they were little ones themselves? Asking kids to practice their will power without any assistance can result in undesired outcomes. Frankly, how many parents raid their kids’ candy stash when they’re at school? Allowing kids to choose one to three pieces of their favourite candy each day, and not allowing them possession of their candy stash can help their will power.

Hide the candy stash

Expanding on the previous suggestion, hiding the mountain of Halloween candy collected can help kids control their urge to binge eat. Once kids have chosen their candy for the day, store the rest of the candy out-of-sight and approach the sweets as a treat – to be enjoyed in moderation.

Exercise the sugar-high away

Some kids become hyperactive after a dose of sugar and need a way to release all that energy. Hopefully, kids are active all year-round. But can they benefit from an increased exercise routine during Halloween? Absolutely! Getting kids to exercise during their sugar-high can be a fun way to get them moving. For every piece of candy consumed, have kids run five laps around the house or do jumping jacks in their room. Parents can choose their kids’ favourite means of exercise, the point is to get them moving!

Hand out fun alternatives to candy

Kids love receiving fun little surprises aside from candy. Encourage your neighbourhood to hand-out alternatives to candy such as stickers, fun pencils, erasers, and little trinket toys. A healthier option to handing out candy are snack items that are less sugary, such as pretzels, raisins and trail mixes.

Teach kids that fruit is nature’s candy

Starting at a young age, kids can recognize fruit as delicious treats to be enjoyed as snacks and desserts. “Dress up” fruit in a festive way this time of year! There are many online recipes and suggestions of how to create Halloween themed fruit snacks. Fruit can be used in many creative ways to replace the processed snacks that kids love so much.

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