How our Partnership with Shania Twain Changed the Lives of Children


We all know Shania Twain from her numerous hit singles and distinctive voice. But did you know that this international superstar is also deeply committed to helping children experiencing poverty? So much so that she founded her own charitable organization titled Shania Kids Can (SKC).

The SKC program is established in schools around the nation and provides support to their most vulnerable students who may be facing family dysfunction, neglect, and economic challenges. Providing a safe space right in schools where children can receive personal care such as basic nutritional, emotional and hygiene needs essential for physical and mental health.

In 2014, The Dilawri Foundation joined forces with Shania Twain and SKC to help grow this national program across Canada. Our five year partnership was launched in Brampton, Regina, Calgary, and Surrey. Having the privilege of witnessing the changes in the SKC students is why we believe in this tremendous program. Not only are the individual students affected by the presence of SKC, but teachers and school principals are thrilled to see the ripple effect taking place in their schools.

We were particularly moved by one story of how a SKC student transformed throughout the year as witnessed by the Regina school program leader. She explains that one of her students experiencing a speech impediment “would only speak when necessary or when spoken to. He kept his head down, and kept quiet in his classroom and within the SKC Clubhouse.   Now, seeing him has become a highlight of each of my days.  He is a joy- his smile and positive attitude is infectious.  He is filled with pride and confidence, chatting with his peers, initiating conversations and group games with his peers. He is always one of the first students to offer a helping hand and be a leader by taking initiative to clean something up or listen to instructions.”

Many such transformations are made possible by the Shania Kids Can program and we are privileged to support such an impactful program Canada wide.

The Dilawri Foundation in collaboration with Shania Kids Can is thrilled to support the following schools through this dynamic program:

Sir Winston Churchill Public School – Brampton, Ontario
Hjorth Road Elementary School – Surrey, British Columbia
Judge Bryant School – Regina, Saskatchewan
Catherine Nichols Gunn School – Calgary, Alberta

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