Created by The Dilawri Foundation, texi was a free, interactive and incentivized app that offered Canadian drivers the chance to win great prizes for practicing safe driving. Users were entered into contests to win one of ten prizes including smartphones, gas, retail and food gift cards. They were also entered into a draw to win a brand new Honda Fit. Distracted driving is a leading cause of road fatalities and when texi was first created, there was a huge need for this type of system to fill the gap of what phone manufacturers were missing from their systems. With texi, The Dilawri Foundation offered Canadian drivers a solution to a real life problem.

Once iOS and Android developed software updates this past year to include auto respond features to negate distracted driving, texi had fulfilled its purpose. Thrilled that there are more options available to drivers to keep them safe, texi ran its last contest in November 2017.

2016 Grand Prize Winner

Melissa Gerbrandt from Landmark, Manitoba drove away in her very own 2017 Honda Fit for changing her driving habits! Keeping her eyes on the road and hands on the wheel has made Melissa the 2016 Grand Prize Winner of The Dilawri Foundation’s national anti-texting and driving campaign. Melissa has been using texi app since July 2016 in the hopes of not only becoming a safer driver herself, but to also set a good example for her family and friends.