The dilawri foundation and bdo canada paediatric amenities fund

Sharing a commitment to excellence in paediatric healthcare, North York General Hospital (NYGH) provides world-class patient and family-centred care to our shared community. With tremendous alignment between our philanthropic directions, The Dilawri Foundation and BDO Canada have partnered to invest in the new Paediatric Amenities Fund for the Paediatric Complex Care Clinic. The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic helps patients and their families manage health concerns by providing centralized, integrated care to our most vulnerable children.

In partnership with SickKids Hospital, The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic is a one-stop centre that provides care and coordinates treatment for children with complex medical conditions. Children are generally considered to have complex medical concerns when they are diagnosed with conditions such as extremely premature birth, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease, and no clear diagnosis. This five-year commitment establishes The Dilawri Foundation and BDO Canada Paediatric Amenities Fund which ensures that families are supported as their children undergo treatment at NYGH.